B-1 - Cracking the Green Code: How to unlock the secret desires of your guests and grow your tourism business

Thursday, Feb 23, 2017
2:30 pm - 3:45 pm

Cracking the green code: How to unlock the secret desires of your guests and grow your tourism business.

Don’t think that guests care about whether tourism businesses are green or not? Have you ever asked them? Well, Green Tourism did. They compared the responses from their own survey to similar surveys completed by Trip Advisor, Travel Guard, and others, to see if the responses were similar. The results were astounding.

Cultivating and communicating a story that connects with the values of your guests can enhance your marketing messages and provider a greater return on your marketing investments. Panel moderator Angela Nagy, CEO of Green Tourism Canada, will open the discussion by sharing her research on how the growing consumer demand for responsible business is becoming a motivating factor in travel and spending decisions.

The expert panel will then share the challenges, impacts and opportunities they have experienced from implementing social and environmental practices within their businesses and organizations; where they have saved money, and how they have communicated their green practices without "greenwashing” to drive business.

You will leave this session having peeked into the minds of potential guests to learn about what they are looking for when it comes to being green and good, and real-life examples from industry leaders that are delivering on this demand and reaping the benefits.

Location: Level 1 - Oak Bay

Speaker: Gwendal Castellan, Vivek Sharma, Brett Soberg, Angela Nagy, Jon Proctor