Lunch & Closing Keynote - The Six String Nation Guitar

Friday, Feb 24, 2017
12:45 pm - 2:30 pm

Officially nicknamed Voyageur at a ceremony in Winnipeg in February 2008 - this guitar is an instrument unlike any in the world. The guitar is quite literally a piece of Canadian history.... or 64 pieces of history to be exact. All of the materials from which the guitar is constructed are contributions from different cultures, communities and characters that, together, tell the story of a multi-cultural Canada; offering a vision of Canada that is at once local and national in an object that is both an artifact and a living, breathing instrument. Voyageur is at once touchstone, talking-stick and living instrument. 

Jowi Taylor, the creator of Voyageur, is a multiple award winning writer, broadcaster, consultant and cultural entrepreneur. His groundbreaking series for CBC Radio, The Wire: The Impact of Electricity on Music, was the recipient of the prestigious Peabody Award, the Prix Italia, a New York Festivals medal and other international awards. Other internationally celebrated content for CBC included The Nerve: Music and the Human Experience, Invisible Cities and the long-running weekly show Global-Village.

Six String Nation, conceived in 1995, took eleven years to bring to life. The project combines Jowi's fascinations with music, media, community engagement, and the dynamics of Canadian history and multicultural identity. The project came to completion before a crowd of some 80,000 people on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Canada Day 2006. Since then, Voyageur has travelled well over 200,000 km across the country appearing at festivals, conferences, concerts and schools. It's been played by hundreds of Canada's best musicians and been held by over 8,000 different Canadians in a series of some 50,000 portraits that ranks as one of Canada's most ambitious photo projects.

Location: Carson Hall

Speaker: Jowi Taylor