A-2 - How Film Tourism Can Up the Ante for Marketing British Columbia to the World

Thursday, Feb 23, 2017
11:30 am - 12:30 pm

British Columbia's film industry is thriving thanks to world-class facilities, skilled crews, tax incentives, a low Canadian dollar, outstanding scenery and locations, plus dedicated film commissioners that have built excellent relationships with studios and producers all over the world.

Film induced tourism is the phenomenon of films and television programs encouraging viewers to visit the country or region where filming occurred. Film induced tourism and its related concepts, which include the broader effects of media culture, has increasingly been viewed as an important component of the tourism sector in many jurisdictions. Yet, are we taking advantage of the marketing and tourism opportunities associated with so-called 'film tourism'? With the exception of a few communities, many experts say BC is missing the boat when it comes to targeting and attracting fans who travel great lengths to visit the locations where their favourite shows are being filmed.

In this session, panellists will describe the best practices used to encourage and capitalize on film induced tourism in various regions, together with suggestions for how BC can take advantage of its vibrant film and television industry to promote film induced tourism within BC communities. This session is geared to destination marketing organizations, economic development officers and local government officials keenly interested in productions for their communities.

Location: Leven 1 - Oak Bay

Speaker: Jackson Davies, Eugene Thomlinson, Kendrie Upton, Ed Mansfield, Ph.D., Wendy Noss