C-3 The Guide to Content Marketing Success

Friday, Mar 9, 2018
10:00 am - 11:00 am

STOP, Read and Convert - that is the goal most of us have in our communications and/or marketing efforts. Within this hour panel presentation, you can expect to hear from leading experts on the art of generating online attention that will have your audience of interest stop, read and convert.

Think of it as a funnel with three parts:

1) High-level: what is the right content to make your audience of interest stop

2) Mid-level: how to engage and amplify your content

3) Lower level: what are best practices to see that your audience returns to your website and/or converts (i.e. buy your package, tickets, sign up for an e-news or whatever your goal might be)

Join us to learn the art of building the right online funnel via our guide to content marketing success.


Speaker: Jim Barr, Brian Siddle, Marie Hunter