Jill Doucette

Synergy Enterprises

Jill Doucette is equally at home in the corporate world and on the front lines of environmental issues. She is an author, entrepreneur and initiator of dozens of community projects.

She founded Synergy Enterprises in 2008. Her company has worked with leading airlines, ports, hotels, tour operators and destinations to create sustainable solutions. With an innovative approach Synergy measures and reduces the environmental footprint of companies, while making them more competitive and economically resilient.

Jill is a firm believer that tourism can be a tool for restoring natural ecosystems, and that tourism will lead the way in sustainable business practices.

In 2013, she founded the non-profit, Synergy Sustainability Institute, with a mission to make Vancouver Island a global leader in the green economy.

In 2017, she partnered with Beattie Tartan, Starrboard and Tourism Victoria to host IMPACT: Canada's Conference on Sustainable Travel & Tourism.

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