Alison Partridge

Going Gardens

Originally from the UK, Alison grew up and attended University in Canada. Her first summer job was at The Butchart Gardens in Victoria and after 20 years in the tourism industry in New Zealand, Canada and the UK, she was back at Butcharts in 1999 as Director of PR & Marketing.

She travelled widely for The Gardens and saw 1st hand what was going on in other parts of the world regarding the business of gardens. After a wonderful almost 10 years, Alison left Butcharts and set up a consultancy, Proof Positive Solutions/Going Gardens, that advises developing tourism product and business. She relocated to the UK in 2011.

She was a Founder of the International Garden Tourism Network (IGTN) that thrived initially, but for political reasons, stumbled. It connected the world of gardens to the world of tourism at a business level. Back to Victoria in late 2016, this continues but she has done some contract work in the Attractions and Hotel sectors. She is now collaborating with Gardens BC and hopes to bring an international perspective into play.

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