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Thursday, February 28

Rochelle Turner, Research Director, WTTC

Ask the average person to think of Travel & Tourism and their face will light up in memory of their last time away. At least we hope it will. In a growing number of places across the world where tourism is too good and too popular, growth and under management of tourism can bring challenges to the balance of life for the residents, crowd the infrastructure in a destination or stress the natural and cultural resources. The smiles may not be as broad as we would like them to be.

As a sector that is built on these smiles and on the promises of experiences to come, this is a challenge that we, as industry players, both cannot ignore and need to have a hand in addressing. And, as we look to the trends for future Travel & Tourism growth, this session will discuss how the industry needs to be part of the solutions that will guide collective action. How do we achieve the balance between where a destination is too popular and where a place just wishes they could even be considered?

We want sustainable tourism growth in BC and BC’s appeal is our natural places, wilderness and wildlife. Once you open the door to more visitors, there is a threat of losing what attracts so many visitors. How do we balance the increase in demand for visitation with the interests and needs of many players and perspectives?

A expert panel will highlight case studies, social media’s role, considerations and what you can do now to take action towards managing growth in your destination.

Local governments shape our communities in British Columbia through policy, investment and community planning. Whether you are a tourism operator in a rural area or a Destination Management Organization in a larger urban centre, local governments are responding to your community’s needs and planning for its future.

Destination British Columbia along with our partners, have developed comprehensive destination development strategies, for many planning areas across the Province. Working with local governments to implement priorities within the destination development strategies will be one of the key drivers to our collective success.

Join us for an exploratory session on local government engagement and a look at successful examples of advancing destination development priorities through working with local government.

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