Tristan Slade

Tristan Slade


Tristan is passionate about sharing British Columbia’s natural beauty with visitors from all over the world. After earning a degree in Forestry Sciences from the University of British Columbia, he worked as an environmental consultant in Northern Canada, and has enjoyed leading group tours across Western Canada for several years.

Tristan has also advocated for cannabis in anticipation of Canada’s federal legalization in 2018 Using his entrepreneurial vision to merge his passions of guiding and cannabis into a cannabis-friendly sightseeing business, High Definition Tours, has made Tristan a pioneer in Canada’s cannabis tourism industry.

He also looks forward to serving on the Board of Directors for NACT, by actively apply his knowledge of tourism and cannabis to help successfully merge the two industries.

Friday, March 1, 11:45 am – 12:45 am, Opportunities in BC’s Emerging Cannabis Tourism Industry